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Yuletide Blessings

There seems to be a lot of general despondency around at the moment. I don’t suppose this is particularly surprising given current social, economic, political (et cetera, et cetera) circumstances and the almost unavoidable media deluge continuously highlighting everything that goes wrong in the world. Whether or not ignorance is bliss, or possible, or even desirable is a topic for another day, but certainly vast arrays of ‘information’ are now readily available and not easy to avoid.

It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t make the most of any opportunity we can muster for festivity, and merriment, and words ending in -olly. If we let ourselves believe it’s about who buys what presents with what money, or doesn’t, we lose. If we let ourselves believe we shouldn’t celebrate our blessings and be happy because of the crap going on around us, we lose. If we let ourselves believe we can’t be, even marginally, blessed and happy because of the crap going on around us, we lose.

Yule and Christmas both are about the light in the darkness, about hope, about renewal, about pushing on through the deepest night towards dawn. It’s important to find reasons to celebrate; to celebrate achievements, friends, family and even yourself. To have belief, spiritual or otherwise, that who you are and what you have can be enough, and that even the smallest of acknowledgements, gestures and considerations can make things better.

Hope and belief are important. It’s the difference between the sun rising and a mere ball of flaming gas illuminating the earth.*

So to all Otherworlders, whatever your status or circumstances or beliefs or traditions, I wish you an excessively merry Yuletide and frivolous festivities replete with all the blessings, boons and benisons that will fill your season with light, laughter and love.