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Winter Wonderlands

Winter is a natural time for storytelling, for reflection and introspection, sharing wisdom, truths and tales (preferably somewhere cosy and comfy with good company and good cheer). The stark beauty of the season itself provides the perfect backdrop to stories of adventure, particularly in the UK where frosts and fogs and blankets of snow can quickly turn the surroundings into dazzling – and treacherous – new landscapes, both familiar and disconcerting at once.

It’s little surprise then that winter itself is sometimes treated as an other world, as not only the setting but the reason and manifestation for a journey of self-discovery. Many stories are about defeating winter itself, or at least its avatar. It is both enchantment and hardship, enticement and obstacle, eternal and fleeting. We must use all of our wits and skills to endure, to survive. It can never be truly overcome, but we can take comfort in what we have gained from the experience – knowledge, values, lessons, learnings.

Fortunately, you don’t need to go to the trouble of sourcing any ancient furniture, mirror fragments, unicorn horns or abandoned sleighs for your very own winter adventure – whether you’re looking for exciting new stories or challenging new ideas this Otherworld is as little as a click away (and with much more reliable opening times)! As the temperature drops (and drops, and drops) consider what you would like your winter’s tale to be, and what you want to have achieved at its close…