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What’s In a Name?

When I decided to crack on with a blog, I figured it had better have a name of some sort rather than just ‘the blog’ – seemed a bit lazy, if not downright unimaginative not to, especially when there are so many great examples of titles, nicknames and pseudonym’s out there.


I’d been through this before of course, when I was trying to pick a name for  the shop. Something that would at least attempt to reflect the breadth of what was covered – not too witchy, not too pagan, not too ceremonial, not too fiction-based. I was fortunate on that occasion, it sort of just came to me and I was instantly in love. I had a few concerns once I realised it coincided a bit with Kelly Armstrong’s Otherworld novels, but by then I was smitten and I’m not convinced even the most witty, inclusive, enlightening suggestion from anyone else would have persuaded me away from it.


Then came the job title. Every aspect of life seems to entail endless form filling and invariably I’m asked for my job title. It’s always been easy in the past, I’ve always been ascribed one (usually the kind that meant people couldn’t make head nor tail of what I actually did for a living, but there you go). The ‘normal’ options were thoroughly unappealing. Owner? Manager? Director? CEO? Bleuh. This was my chance to define myself, after a fashion. So far no joy though. I toyed with ‘Head Bibliomancer’, or ‘Chief Libromancer’, or ‘Guardian of the Tomes’, but since they all sound pretentious and, frankly, a bit daft I am as yet untitled (answers on the back of a postcard please!)


So now the blog! I’ve never even had a nickname, or a craft name, or anything other than what’s on my birth certificate and ‘Claire’s Blog’ just seems… lacking. Book Witch came to me quite early on but I resisted for quite a while, firstly because once again I wanted to avoid emphasising ‘witch’ above any other discipline, path or aspect (although it seems there’s no getting away from it, I think to some this will always come across as ‘the witch shop’ no matter what titles I put in the window!) and secondly a quick check showed at least one other book witch blog in  the world already (although not along similar lines, interestingly). Still… it stuck with me, and niggled at me, and just seemed to fit.

What’s For Ye…

I know there’s a lot of stigma about labels, rightly or wrongly (more on that another time), but I was watching the film Pride with my mum when she was here last week and there’s a point in it where, having been ‘shamed’ the response was “When somebody calls you a name … You take it and own it.” I may not have set out to be a Book Witch, or a Witch Shop (or that weird magic place, either) but I’m comfortable with it, and I think it suits me.

And thus the Book Witch Blog came to be!