What We Stock


Books! Lots and lots and lots of books! (All of which are also available on the online shop)
So, apart from the obvious…


We have a range of beautiful greeting cards that complement our pagan and nature theme as a welcome counterpoint to what’s generally available on the high street.

We also stock wonderful Alchemy incense, divine hand-made grain incense blends for use with charcoal, perfect for ritual, ceremony or just because they’re amazing! With an assortment for every occasion they’re well worth exploring.
We also have a variety of stick and cone based incenses for those who prefer them to loose.

Spell candles in lots of colours for spell or ritual use, or just to prettify your space, and sage smudge sticks for cleansing.

A wide selection of tarot and oracle decks to suit every taste
(and if not, just ask, we’ll see if we can find you something that you’re drawn to!)

Wall plaques, wall hangings, scarves and doormats

Current issues of Pagan Dawn, the Pagan Federation’s quarterly magazine

Crystal tumblestones, pendulums, rune sets and handmade crystal charm bookmarks

Crystal balls and stands

Himalayan Salt Lamps, for cleansing and purifying your space

Soapstone bowls useful for incense, smudging or as offering bowls

Beautiful journals for documenting all of your experiments and experiences


Many of the ‘non-book’ items are not currently listed in the online shop, however if something catches your eye please do get in touch and we’d be happy to arrange delivery on an individual basis.

We love to feature arts and crafts from around the community – head on over to The Craft(s) to see what’s currently on offer.

If you would be interested in offering your handiwork through Otherworld Books please contact us.