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Warmth & Wisdom

The autumn foliage has started to appear in Otherworld’s trees and thoughts turn inevitably to the coming chill. As someone who tends to (physically) run a bit on  the cold side at the best of times, I have mixed feelings about this time of year (although I know plenty for whom it comes as an unparalleled relief!)

Only 42 days to Samhain (not that I’m counting, or have a particular predilection for the number 42…) which has always been a personal favourite on multiple levels.

If excuse was ever needed, it supplies ample justification for curling up with duvets, hot water bottles, fires (indoor or outdoor) and warm beverages (spiced fruit drinks and hot chocolates, with added ‘warmers’ for those who like that sort of thing) and, of course, a good book or five.

Fireworks and falling leaves, crafts and considerations  – I’ll stop before I start to sound like a bad Julie Andrews parody, but suffice to say that despite not being my favourite, there’s still plenty in this season that calls out to me appealing to the romantic, the practical and the magical.

I’ve mentioned before that every festival and cycle incorporates some element of reflection but I feel it’s more true at this time of year than any other – the mood always strikes me as one of more mature consideration, quiet preparations in contrast to the busy flurries of spring, mellow acceptance as opposed to the jubilant pursuits of summer. Acquiring wisdom rather than just accumulating knowledge.

I’m thrilled that I’ve managed to sustain the regular workshops, and naturally thinking how this might evolve in the future (especially now the 2018 diaries and planners are in and there’s no reason for procrastination) but before that I’m going to take some time to embrace the autumn, to wrap myself in cosiness and contemplation, warmth and wisdom.