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I pretty much had this week’s blog topic, which was going to be a bit more on the serious and substantial side, nailed down but needless to say all plans have gone awry and I’m now not remotely in the right frame of mind to tackle anything with gravitas!

The derailment has nothing to do with the Beast from the East – who currently seems to be more in playful puppy mode hereabouts – or even the interminable roadworks that are a persistent and prevalent pestilence at this time of year. No Australian flu, no bird flu, no regular flu – not even a sniffle. Just one of those days where a series of completely unforeseeable circumstances come together and slow you down, and there’s nothing at all you can do about it.

A lot of the time I get frustrated in situations like that. If I’ve gone to all the trouble of properly thinking through a plan and having a list and a schedule (and on occasion a colour coded spreadsheet) then the least the universe can let me do is let me fulfil it, dagnammit!

But of course the universe doesn’t work like that. Instead, I blethered to some lovely people at bus stops, got a little bonus reading time (always a win!), had a bit of an impromptu wander and have been watching the snowflakes dance intermittently all day so far (now thankfully in the company of a lovely hot mug of lavender tea).

I think there probably will be a lot of disruption this week, whether due to actual, perceived or just potential weather hazards. I think it will cause frustration, inconvenience, and upheaval for many, requiring unwanted changes, compromises, workarounds and contingencies. Some of these folk will be able to plan and prepare for, many they won’t. Personally, having a book on hand and access to hot tea goes a long way towards dealing with whatever the world throws at me!

But I guess whatever the week (and beyond) has in store for us, if you can find a way of eking something of value out of your daily travails, even / especially when it’s not what you thought it would be, the unforeseeable can turn out to be exactly what you needed after all!