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The Long and the Short of It

Another month, another excuse for a Pagan Party…
It can be a bit demanding, our calendar, between solar festivals and lunar festivals and extra bits on top of secular obligations. The whole basis of the Wheel of the Year of course is that it never stops turning. Not even when the sun stops in the sky, when day overcomes night and the light chases away the darkness. Any brief pause is temporary, illusory. There is no absolute, and the culmination of one aspect is the beginning of its own demise.

Put like that it possibly sounds a bit depressing, but somehow I find it comforting. There is no burden of now or never, of missing out, of failing to observe. Every single moment is an evolution of those before, and the commencement of those to follow, and it is possible to find nuance and significance in any and all – or just to watch in wonder as they stream by, filled with somethings and nothings and everythings.

The summer solstice*, the longest day of the year, gives us a shared pause, a common reference point, a clear and indisputable occurrence that is both visual and visceral to the magical and the mundane equally. It is a collective inhale, representing as it does the height of summer (symbolically anyway, such as it is) and, inextricably, the bittersweet acknowledgement that, from there on out, the darkness gains ground again – but only until the Wheel turns once more…

Enjoy your revels and reflections, whatever and whenever they may be!

*For those of us here in the Northern Hemisphere of course, although the same principles apply contextually to those for whom it is the shortest!