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The End is Nigh (No, Really This Time)

Otherworldly portals rarely remain open indefinitely and this one will not be the exception to that rule unfortunately.

Otherworld Books will officially close at the end of the year – the current plan is to shut the doors for the last time on Saturday 22nd December but that may have to change depending on other circumstances.

It has been both a pleasure and privilege to create and maintain this space over the last couple of years and I will be eternally grateful to those who have supported both me and the journey. It’s sad, and bittersweet, and a whole constantly competing mixture of emotions and sentiments (most of which probably haven’t even suitably surfaced yet) however the main thing is that it has been an amazing adventure, and one that I’m glad I embarked on.

The closing sale is now effectively on (exceptions and minimum spend apply) and I’ve even managed to figure out how to apply it to the online shop (although I would ask you as ever to bear with me in the event of any technical difficulties) . It is also intended that the online shop will remain available indefinitely beyond December for the sale of any remaining stock.

So all that remains is for me to once again thank you all for your time, for your goodwill and for your kindness, and to wish all of us the very best in our ongoing journeys.