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The Art of Conversation

This week’s blog post is so late coming because I’ve been privileged to have lots of lovely, lovely visitors this morning and therefore lots of lovely, lovely chats, everything ranging from healing v. health services to obscure oracle systems to potential future (exciting!) event possibilities.

The Kindness of Strangers
While in general terms I’m perfectly content to be pottering around the shop in the next few weeks, one of the things I will miss due to my more-limited-than-usual exposure to the festival will be the random chats and bizarre encounters – exchanging reviews with unknowns, having to laugh off closer-than-comfortable-plastic-seating-proximity with strangers, odd banter in the wee hours at random locations you never before knew existed. Of course if this morning is anything to go by I’m not going to be wanting for stimulating chat (whether as an extension of the festival or otherwise) I would definitely encourage those foraying into the fray of it all to take advantage of the opportunity to engage with new people about wild and interesting things. Or even just the weather (which is certainly varied enough to give cause for comment). Learn new things from new people. Learn new things about new people.

Or if it all seems too much, pop in here for a blether. Either way, it’s good to talk.