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Technical Wizardry

Having been mired in myriad technical difficulties the entirety of this past week I came to the realisation around the small hours (needless to say sleep has been scarce while I try to get it all sorted out) that for the most part working with technology is not so different to working with magic.

There are some experts who know, or claim to know, how everything works (at least within a particular field) but the vast majority are just muddling through, learning and picking things up as and when we need them, sometimes proactively and sometimes reactively!

Starting out the whole thing can seem extremely overwhelming and intimidating, especially if you don’t know where to start. Aptitude and familiarity with one aspect does not mean that other, even related, pursuits are going to come easily or naturally and every new endeavour, variation or change is sometimes the start of a whole new learning curve.

After a while of working with the same thing we become familiar, comfortable, even complacent. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing – pursuing change for its own sake can be counter-productive. But at the same time the world moves on around us, and it’s important that we’re able to adapt and adjust.

However on the rare occasions when things go wrong it can become almost impossible to determine the why’s and wherefore’s; sometimes there will be obvious answers, mistakes or misjudgments that can be corrected or revised. Other times things just crash. You might even be able to hazard an educated guess as to the reasons, but you might also just have to accept that it’s not something you can fix. These can be hard lessons – whether it’s a year’s worth of photographic memories or a month’s worth of careful preparation and casting – but they are lessons nonetheless, even if it’s only our resilience that grows from the experience.

This has been an incredibly hard week, full of moments of gut-wrenching desperation, endless hours of painstaking (if impatient) processing and not a few tears, cusses and exhortations to any entity that would care to listen (and huge gratitude to those who have borne the brunt of all my rants and ravings). As of JUST THIS MINUTE it looks like the website is back up and running (albeit very slowly) but is backdated to the end of April – so a couple of lost blogs and a bit of reconstruction to do, but I can live with that. This time yesterday I was facing a year’s worth of lost data, and before that potentially having to start the whole thing from scratch. Not-so-small mercies! But I know SO MUCH more than I did this time last week and while I genuinely don’t know if there was anything I could have done to avoid my predicament, I have to believe that I’ve gained something from the ordeal!

So next time it all looks like it’s going horribly wrong, magically, technically or otherwise, please don’t give up – persevere, persist and flourish (and if you need a sympathetic ear, you know where to find me!)