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Summertime Blues

The featured books are up this month on the theme of ‘What I Did on My Holidays’, although it seems less fitting with the interminable downpour forecast to continue through the day! Hard to believe it’s July, let alone halfway through the year…

Last year, I’d picked a selection of ‘holiday reads’, easy-osey fiction with a magical theme because, when I’m on holiday myself, I generally want something interesting but not too demanding – my breaks (when I get them) are usually about relaxation and enjoyment. I’m not particularly well-travelled but when I do get somewhere I like to balance in a little bit of culture and exploration though (another should theme in there, I don’t like to feel I’m wasting opportunities). So I do generally do a bit of reading before and / or after I go somewhere about the sites, the history, tradition – preferably before so I know what to look out for when I’m there! Not during though – the whole point is to actually have the experience of course.

I haven’t ventured too far afield with the selection – there’s one on various sites in Lothians and the Borders that may have connections (or influences) with Arthurian legend; one that’s a beautiful selection of postcards showing ancient sites and accompanying stories; and one on Glastonbury and Avalon. Naturally there are others in the shop around world mythology particularly, more on various sites in Britain and even one on Mystical France, but I limited myself to the usual three!

So whether you’re looking to plan an adventure or (given the weather) just daydream about sunny explorations there’s a few choices. Escaping into fiction is still always a good option, and plenty of fodder in previous Featured Books segments for that too.