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Something’s In The Air

When I started considering this week’s blog it occurred to me that, given tomorrow’s date, from a social relevance point of view I should probably write something about love spells or sex magic or self-appreciation or similar, but I don’t want to, so I’m not going to*.

Not because I have issues or reservations about any of these topics. Far from it. As you will hopefully all now be aware, as long as individuals are approaching things with the right precautions for the right reasons (myself included) I’m very non-judgey about the means, preferences or paths involved in that pursuit (though admittedly there’s lots of other things I am very judgey about).

It’s also not any kind of Anti-Hallmark-Holiday sentiment. While it’s possible to try and shoehorn it into a kind of reclaimed Pagan calendar under the auspices of Lupercalia, or claim it as some kind of quasi-legitimate festival worthy of note based on historic/mythic/folkloric references, I actually have no issue with it being an engineered, fluffy, frivolous annual landmark that encourages people to show regard to the ones we love. Commercial pressure I have an issue with – acts of appreciation needn’t come with a price tag – but if it gives a few folks a boot up the backside to proactively proffer genuine recognition and affection then I don’t see anything wrong with it. We can all use more of that, even (especially?) it it’s only once a year!

So rather than getting all overly analytical assessing, exploring or explaining a particular aspect of magic, or worse ending up a bit crass about all the ‘stuff’ in the shop that could be useful for said aspect of magic, I’m just going to SHARE THE LOVE TO ALL OTHERWORLDERS – wherever you are, whatever your circumstances, I wish you all the love and joy in the world no matter what day it is.

And as an added bonus, remember there’s a distinct possibility of loads of discounted chocolate from Thursday onwards…

*However if you want advice, recommendations or discussion on any of these, pop on by, I’ll be more than happy to chat!