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Life Choices

It’s a scary notion, when you think about it. From a relatively early point we take decisions (and even earlier, decisions are taken for us) that have the potential to influence and impact the rest of our lives.

Some are taken in conformity with what is expected, some in rebellion. Some decisions are forced on us in response to circumstances outside of our control, and many may not feel like ‘choices’ at all. Some are seemingly insignificant and some seemingly life-changing, though a great many will not work out as anticipated. Some manifest as a slim margin of discretion between two apparent evils.

Information, insight, intuition and intervention all play a role in the choices we make, consciously or otherwise. Our experiences in particular are subjective and unique, and can easily make the choices of others seem baffling, ineffective, inappropriate or downright wrong.

Heavy stuff, right?

And yet not entirely. For the most part we are able to challenge or own choices, to revise them, to make new ones. To pursue new opportunities that we are presented with. Or not. To try something different. Or not. To make entirely new experiences, new adventures, new lives. Or not.

Good, bad or indifferent it is largely our choices that ultimately define us so make yours wisely, cautiously and joyfully…

… or not!