Lunar Lore

Thursday 20th July 2017, 6pm to 7pm

Moon myth, magic and meditation, with a touch of lunar-cy. This will be a slightly more contemplative workshop than the others have been, but still very much focussed on aspects and considerations that can be incorporated into your own practice, whatever that may be.

Spaces are limited so that everyone gets a chance to engage, discuss and ask questions freely.  Some materials will be provided but you may wish to bring pen and paper for notes.

You can book in the store, by phoning up or online via the link below. Any questions, please get in touch.


Coming Next:
August: Talismania

Tarot Readings

Individual tarot readings are available by appointment – please pop in or contact us for more information or to book.


Otherworld Books is very keen to accommodate talks, workshops and discussion groups. In due course we aim to refurbish the downstairs area for just this purpose, so watch this space!

In the meantime (and even thereafter) the shop floor itself is beautifully situated to host any of these types of activities outside of normal business hours. If you would be interested in organising an event at Otherworld, please get in touch.