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Community Conundrums

I’m still sad that the Tribes & Tribulations blog has been forever lost in what shall hereafter be known as the Great IT Blitz of ’18, but it by no means exhausted the topic of community and it’s an area that continues to inspire and exasperate me in equal measure, not least given the level of almost daily shenanigans that proliferate social media.

I worry that in our fierce determination to find and follow our own paths we have become too quick to dismiss anything that does not meet with our expectations as irrelevant, or worse.

I worry that we have become so focused on proclaiming the things that set us apart that we are no longer able to celebrate commonality.

I worry that in the absolute mission to stay true to our own agenda we have lost all that can be gained through compromise.

I worry that in our individual quests for higher meaning and purpose we are losing sight of the roots and ties that irrevocably bind us.

I worry that in our dedication to becoming witches, druids, shamans, occultists, magicians, heathens (etc) we have neglected how to be friends, companions and supporters.

And most of all I worry that if we do not re-learn how to be a community of people rather than an assembly of individuals then we will continue to lose out on opportunities to share and to grow and to enrich in favour of petty spats and pointless divisions.

Real community requires effort, sacrifice, concessions and contributions but, when it works, the benefits are significantly greater than the costs. It feels like something we should be good at (or at least capable of!) but with a few (usually localised) exceptions it’s not something I see a lot of evidence of in reality and I think it’s much to our detriment. I would love to say I have the solution.

But I don’t.

So I worry.