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Chasing Rainbows

Well, it’s been a strange old time of it weather-wise, that’s for sure. While it’s fair to say we have a largely ambivalent relationship with the weather here in Scotland (and the UK more generally) it’s actually pretty rare for us to be so resoundingly disrupted by it. (As an aside, major tributes to various individuals and organisation up and down the country who went above and beyond to keep communications and insofar as possible services running to the best of their abilities throughout!)

And now we are almost as abruptly back to normal, which around springtime in Scotland largely means various points along the sunny-and-soggy scale (although in contempt of my intended topic today it’s defiantly clear and dull – typical!) In the days since the snows dissipated a quick bus stop poll has shown it to be, variously; too bright; too wet; too windy; too chilly or too mild for any given value of whatever the weather purportedly should be like. I’m never quite sure whether we really are just that malcontent of whether it’s purely a nice safe topic of casual conversation – I rather hope it’s the latter!

What the sunny-soggy spectrum has given us this week though are beautiful rainbow spates, the kind that even as a (supposed) grown-up make me want to drop everything and see if I can’t finally get to the end of one. The kind where you can feel the tingle of change, and know it’s a transient moment that you have to capture or lose forever. The kind where you rejoice in sudden showers and blasts of blinding sunshine, and forget what an inconvenience the vagaries of nature are to our modern lives and commitments and infrastructure. The kind that reminds you what pure magic feels like.

It’s still far too soon to be entirely dispensing with wellies and waterproofs and windbreakers, but it’s the perfect time to don them for chasing rainbows…