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Book Review: Pagan Dreaming by Nimue Brown

I do a like a book that challenges me. I would say that overall it’s unusual for me to find a book on a practical topic where the style, views and approaches dovetail substantially (or at all) with my own (make of that what you will) but since I don’t read stuff just to tell me what I already think I know it’s really not an issue. This could be the first book of this type that I’ve read where almost every aspect completely resonated with me personally as well as providing me with new insights and ideas so, while I’m trying not to completely all-out-fangirl, if I seem more effusive than usual that’s why.

I’ve described it as a practical book and I was quite surprised by the extent to which this was true, given that dreaming is so completely individual and subjective. Having read some of the author’s other works I would never ascribe her to the ‘fluffy’ category but couldn’t see how a book on spiritual sleep could end up being much else. I definitely should have had more faith! Pagan Dreaming beautifully balances the acknowledgement of the subjective while exploring and championing the universal need for a rich and fulfilling dream life, whether looking to embrace your natural, ‘default settings’, enhance your dreamstate or change your relationship with dreaming entirely. There is a healthy dose of caution and caveat throughout, which those who have been to any of the workshops will know is one of my personal causes, without attempts to unduly influence, judge or deter. It’s probably a bit too formal to say that it provides ‘exercises’ for working with and within dreams but there are certainly detailed enough suggestions and recommendations that would put you on a solid path towards your own dream journey.

Overall an insightful, enjoyable and illuminating read!

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