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Blogging On!

So that’s two weeks in a row, yay for minor but notable successes!

The rune workshop is on Thursday evening so looking forward to that again – for anyone who’s concerned or dismissive that it’s ‘just divination’ or ‘just Northern Tradition’ or ‘just Shamanism’… well, you should probably come along and discover otherwise for yourselves…
I reference it in divination of course but to reduce it to that would be far too dismissive. I love the scope of runes and runelore – they’re not only academically fascinating but beautifully practical and wonderfully versatile. Seriously, you should come!

Otherworld is now international! I spent far more time than is healthy last week being exposed to the intricacies of Royal Mail v. Post Office, but at least it spurred me on to getting the non-UK delivery settings sorted (it didn’t help with the parcel problem, but at least made me feel productive). Now the online side should be functional so I no longer have to do anything outside the UK on a case-by-case, get-in-touch-first type basis (but of course if you come across any gremlins, sprites or hobbits sabotaging the process please let me know!)

Have a good week Otherworlders, as ever just pop by the shop,  the Facebook / Twitter / Instagram or email / contact to say hi or ask any questions!