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Let the Blogging Commence!

Welcome to the first of the Book Witch Blogs!
Been pondering mailing lists and such for a while now but a) didn’t have anything to report regularly enough, and, b) didn’t want to start something only to find I couldn’t sustain it! A bit further down the road now, particularly with the Events side now in place, so giving this a try and if it works out can use it as the basis for a (monthly) newsletter or similar (or that’s the thought process anyway!)

Thanks to much help from my ever-so-glamorous assistant the website has been flooded with new additions this past week – both “new new” and “new pre-loved” including some very amazing rare and limited editions as part of the ongoing cataloguing process (for more see Special Finds). Brief glitch on day one when we hit some memory issues (the website’s not ours!) but fortunately resolved quite quickly.

June’s workshop will be a re-run of Runes (try saying that ten times fast) and will be on  the 15th – as usual you can book online or in the shop, see Events for further info. I’ve been absolutely loving doing them, and looking forward to some of the new topics I’m hoping to cover in the coming months.

I also managed to de-Americanise the website (apologies to Americans, but some of the terminology was driving me crazy) so no more ‘Cart’ and ‘Newness’ nonsense, it should be Baskets and Date Added all round now!

Another new addition is ‘Book Prescriptions’ – more designed for ‘distance customers’ since (hopefully) anyone who pops in the shop knows they can always have a blether about suggestions and recommendations,  but this gives everyone the opportunity the chance to fill in a wee form to do the same (or even just for days like this when it’s chucking it down and you don’t want to venture forth…)

Seems like most of the past week involved minor skirmishes with the website – I think it largely came out a draw but time will tell whether it’s all working properly and it might take me a while to get it as ‘pretty’ as I would like (if any WP gurus want to volunteer their help I’d be more than willing to accept, done a not-bad job at bodging through myself so far but know my limitations!)

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Otherworld Needs YOU!

This isn’t my usual sort of post, so please bear with me.

I’ve had absolutely amazing support from so many people over the last year or so – I can’t even start to say how grateful I’ve been for it, and I need to continue to ask for your help and assistance. In part that means buying stuff and coming to events – I’d be lying if I said otherwise!

But even more important is helping me to continue to get the word out about Otherworld as far and wide as possible. Please, please, please tell friends, family, sympathetic strangers. Share posts, write posts, leave reviews and comments, link people into the website and FB page, Instagram or Twitter. Let me know your thoughts, ideas suggestions, I’m always delighted to hear them (even if I’m not in a position to do much with them right away). If you hear of anyone looking for talk or event space, or with an interest in rare occult titles, or an addiction to incense – point them this way!

The online shop is fully functional so location isn’t an obstacle and I’m happy to post outwith the UK, or sort delivery on items not currently in the online shop (scarves, plaques, runes etc) by individual arrangement. I’m also happy to do customer orders on ‘normal’ books and DVDs, or you can order through the Hive bookstore and if Otherworld is nominated as your local shop (which you can do regardless of where you actually live) we get a little reward.

Everyone has been genuinely wonderful in helping me on this adventure and, as much as I might like to think otherwise sometimes, I can’t do it all by myself so your ongoing support is massively appreciated and free hugs and excellent book craic will always be available as a token of my thanks!