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Accepting What’s Due

One of my favourite parts of being the shop is hearing people’s tales of how they were drawn into or by this field – in a few instances making their first tentative steps by venturing into the shop in the first place! (Don’t worry, you won’t automatically be subjected to inquisition or interrogation if you do come in, but if you fancy a blether I’m usually more than happy to oblige…)

For some, it will be a passing interest, dabbling and dipping in as the mood and current takes them. For others it will be a deep and abiding pursuit, continuously seeking out new strands, new aspects, new perspectives to inform their own knowledge and views. And then there will be those who find something that forms an intrinsic part of their lives, their beliefs, their philosophies and their practices.

In truth, most of us will belong to all of those categories at some point, depending on prevailing circumstances. Particularly early on in discovery it’s easy to get swept up and carried away by novel notions and ideals, only to find that over time priorities change, life intervenes, or simply something shinier and newer comes along.

I want to say that any and all of that is OK. Better than OK. As admirable as it is to dedicate your entire being and self to a particular field, discipline or calling not everyone is suited to that kind of life; even those who are will have setbacks, tangents and detours and will likely be the richer for it. As fantastic as it might be to be a master, an adept, an expert, finding that your journey leads to a different outcome is NOT A FAILING.

Each and every little step you take, every piece of knowledge and wisdom you acquire, every revelation and insight and discovery you make no matter how you come by it is an important achievement, and deserves to be recognised as such. It doesn’t always come easily – it’s easy to focus on how far you still have to go and forget how far you’ve already come, to underestimate and undermine what has been gained because of the endless parade of what might still be possible.

Your own successes, victories, progress and gains are subjective, and simply can’t be measured against some kind of tick list. Celebrate your accomplishments, all of them, no matter how insignificant you (or worse, others [who should be ignored]) might deem them to be. Even the smallest are the seeds that will bear greater fruit in time.

OK, I’m gonna stop being smushy now and go try to fix the website. DO IT THOUGH. SERIOUSLY.