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A Blether Blog

I’m going for stream of consciousness and random ramblings today, because my brain is just far too full of bits and pieces (or possibly in bits and pieces) to come up with something particularly deep and meaningful this week.

Why so? Well, there’s the normally baseline daily, weekly, monthly and ad hoc tasks and tribulations that demand time and attention regardless of my brain’s varying capacity to deal with them – this can be exertion enough if my brain is mushy from lack of sleep and insufficient spoonage (which I think everyone goes through from time to time!)

More specifically though this weekend is the annual Scottish Pagan Federation Conference, the one Saturday a year when the shop is closed and instead a haul a selection of titles along as stall fodder. It’s an AMAZING day and a brilliant opportunity to catch up with people I often don’t see from one year to the next, but it’s also a MASSIVE logistical exercise for me that (especially given my need for organisation!) is weeks in the planning and preparation.

And of course the monthly workshop, Crystal Clear Guide to Grids, falls just after it so – again with the planning – I need to feel comfortable that I’m where I need to be with that too, or I get too hung up and forget to balance everything out the way it needs to be.

Ah, balance. Sometimes the very process of trying to achieve it – work, play, rest, respite – is enough to cause an unwarranted amount of effort and consternation, soundly defeating the purpose. It can be a hard cycle to break. I wouldn’t like to guess how much time I’ve expended in the last couple of weeks just trying to figure out when I can scrape together some time for myself! But the good thing is that I have, and if I can focus on the enjoyment aspect amidst all the work then that will help make it all worthwhile. Small moments here and there. Sometimes you have to take what you can get!

So I’m going to stop blethering now – hope to see some of at the conference, or the workshop as well is in general visits into the shop, and if I seem a little frayed or frantic don’t worry – it’s actually quite a thrilling energy to have from time to time, as long as I allow the time and space to pick myself back up after it’s run its course!